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1401/01/18  --   Flour and Bread Working Group and Secretariat
The coordination meeting of the cities regarding the transfer of the duties of the working group and the flour and bread secretariat to the Jihad Agricultural Organization was held in the presence of
In this meeting, Dr. Omid Sharifi, Deputy Minister of Trade and Agricultural Industries of the organization said: We are pursuing related matters, heavy tasks have been assigned to jihad and we are trying to get things done in the best way, although there are shortages in manpower and facilities, but We are trying to remove the obstacles as well. He continued: "We are trying to work in the best way." The supply of goods was also favorable on Eid. The special quota for Ramadan has also been received, and God willing, the goods will be distributed in the market with appropriate measures. We are also ready to distribute eggs and meat in the cities. Deputy Minister of Trade Development and Agricultural Industries of Isfahan Jihad Agricultural Organization stated:Capillary distribution should be on the agenda and goods should be distributed in all parts of the cities. Fortunately, we did not have any problems in supplying goods until today, and the markets responded well to the ne
1400/12/07  --   
Developing Cooperation between Iran and Kazakhstan in the Field of Water, Soil and Natural Resources Protection
1400/12/07  --   
A forecasting model for management of wheat Sun pest and a caring network programs

A forecasting model for management of wheat Sun pest and a caring network programs by IRIPP

1400/12/07  --   
Increasing agricultural exchanges between Iran and Uzbekistan by establishing a joint cooperation committee
1400/12/05  --   
Catching more than Thirteen Thousand Tons of Kilka Fish in 2021
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