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98/02/29  --   
Organize a biodiversity day in Isfahan province
This year's slogan: Our environmental diversity, our food, our health According to the Public Relations Department of the Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization of Isfahan province, with the presence of the Deputy Director General for the improvement of plant products, the organization's consultants, the head of the Environment and Food Health Department, representatives of natural resources and watershed management, the environment and agricultural research to the province and environmental organizations coordinated the meeting. The World Biodiversity Day ceremony.
98/02/26  --   
Happy public relations day
May 27th Happy Public Relations Day Public relations are deliberate, planned and well-meaning efforts and actions for establishing and gaining mutual understanding between an organization and its constituent groups. Public relations is a deliberate and legal effort to understand and establish mutual and mutual trust and understanding that is based on sound scientific and practical research
98/02/25  --   
Visit of the representative of the Wali-Faqih in the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture from the Islamic Republic of Iran's Halal Center & the largest slaughterhouse of GBS company in Brazil
98/02/24  --   
Began harvesting of Mohammadi flowers in Isfahan province
The harvest of Mohammadi flower from the first half of May will be started in the golestes of the warm and rainy regions of the province and will continue until the end of July in the cold cities.
98/02/24  --   
Exports Oral aquarium of Isfahan Province
Exports of all kinds of aquatic animals through the customs of Isfahan province in the year 2018 include trout, carp, sea fish, fish products and shrimp with an export value of 508275 kg and a dollar value of 365,443 dollars to the countries of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Japan, Iraq And Qatar is done
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