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Catching more than Thirteen Thousand Tons of Kilka Fish in 2021

Director General of the Fisheries and Fisheries Office of the Iranian Fisheries Organization said: This amount of Kilka fishing shows an increase of 8% compared to the same period of last year. Mokhtar Akhoundi added: Mazandaran's share was 63% of this amount and Gilan's was 37%.

He stated that 74 fishing vessels participated in catching Kilka fish, adding that 44% of these vessels in Mazandaran province and 30% in Gilan province have done the fishing work. He also mentioned that: More than 90% of the caught kilkas are used to produce fish meal, while this kind of fish has a high nutritional value.

Mokhtari emphasized on the marketability of this fish and added: Usually, three species of Kilka fish with the names of Anchovy, ordinary and big-eyed are caught from Caspian waters, 90% of which is of ordinary species.


Source: Public Relations Center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture

Translator: Fatemeh Khalil-Khalili





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