Monday, October 25, 2021
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Increasing production of sturgeon larvae by using medicinal plants products

Increasing production of sturgeon larvae and juveniles using medicinal plant products in controlling fungal infections of fertilized sturgeon eggs

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the International Sturgeon Research Institute (ISRI), the researchers of this institute succeeded in increasing the production of sturgeon larvae by controlling the fungal contamination of sturgeon eggs using medicinal plant products.

The development of the sturgeon aquaculture industry throughout the country and the need to rebuild the resources of these valuable fishes in the Caspian Sea, has made the need for artificial reproduction of suitable broodstocks and production of sturgeon juveniles inevitable. Although the sturgeon stocks preparation and extraction of high-quality egg and sperm fertilization and larvae production is a time and money-consuming process most fertilized eggs are destroyed during the incubation stage due to fungal contamination which poses a serious challenge to the final hatch rate of sturgeon breeding practice.

 At present, various chemical compounds are used to cope with the contamination of aquatic eggs with fungal agents, but due to the adverse effects of these disinfectants on eggs, juveniles, the environment, and substances on consumers of farmed fish, the need to replace natural compounds with chemical compounds that control fungal infections is one of the most important priorities of aquatic health and disease researchers.

Due to this necessity, valuable studies and research projects have been done on the use of essential oil and extract of Zataria multiflora in the control of fungal infections of sturgeon eggs in the incubation stage by researchers of the Department of Health and Diseases of the ISRI.

Based on the results of these research projects, proper use of Zataria multiflora essential oil and extract can limit the growth of fungal agents on sturgeon eggs and delay the time of appearance of fungal agents on fertilized eggs of these fishes based on the water temperature for several days, which allows the embryo to grow inside the fertilized eggs, increasing the hatching percentage of sturgeon eggs and larval production by at least 30%.\





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