Thursday, March 04, 2021
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The need to sign a preferential agreement between Iran and Iraq to develop agricultural cooperation

The Minister of Jihad-Agriculture of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kazem Khavazi, in a meeting with the Minister of Commerce of Iraq, Alaa Ahmad Al-Jabouri, first thanked their country's cooperation with Iran in the context of the US sanctions, and mentioned that: All issues of agriculture and trade of Iran and Iraq are divided into three groups: basic issues, trade, and investment in Iraq. He also stated that: There are a great number of investors in Iran who have huge production units and are ready to invest in greenhouses, greenhouse equipment, engineering infrastructure in water and soil projects, fisheries and livestock and poultry in Iraq.

Then, Iraqi Minister of Commerce, Alaa Ahmad Al-Jabouri thanked the Minister of Jihad-Agriculture and added: In terms of imports and exports, the Ministry of Commerce is responsible only for issuing import licenses, and all orders are issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, so if there is a problem with licenses, we can fix it.

He emphasized that: Investing in agriculture is very important. Given the economic crisis, which we are facing, the agricultural sector can develop more rapidly than other sectors, and we will be happy if Iran can share its experience and knowledge in the field of modern irrigation with Iraq.


Source of the news: Public relations of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture


Translated by: F.KH



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