Thursday, October 01, 2020
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Increase the production and export of fishery products with the optimal use of capacities in the year of production leap

Deputy Minister and Head of the Fisheries Organization of Iran has stated that shrimp farming and aquaculture at sea is one of the important ongoing projects in Mazandaran province.

Dr. Nabiolah Khoun-Mirzaie added that: Important projects are underway in Mazandaran province in the field of fisheries, including strengthening two centers for reproduction and reconstruction of aquatic stocks in Sari and Kelardasht, shrimp farming project, aquaculture in the sea, cold-water fish breeding project, spf disease free baby fish production, and catching Kilka fish at depths.

Ahmad Hossein Dadkan acknowledged that launching the export terminal of fishery products this year is a big step in the development of this sector and

added: The export terminal of fishery products is a fundamental step in the development of sustainable exports of fisheries in the country and a national asset.

He considered Mazandaran as the center of the country's aquaculture production and emphasized on investing and attracting investors in the fields of aquaculture and fishery products, especially important projects of resistance economy, fish farming at sea and sturgeon farming in coastal lands.

Source of the news: Public relations of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture 

Translated by: F.KH





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