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Export of flowers and ornamental plants of Iran in 2019

Export of flowers and ornamental plants of Iran in 2019: $ 40 million in foreign exchange for Iran's flower and ornamental plant exports.

The director general of the Office of Greenhouses, Ornamental Plants and Edible Mushrooms said that: The export of flowers and plants was estimated to be about $ 40 million in the year 2019.

Gholamreza Taghavi said: The country's flower and plant trade balance is positive, and according to the estimation made, flower and plant exports in 2019 was about $ 40 million. He also added that: Imports of flowers and ornamental plants were about $ 15 million in 2019.

He pointed out that more than 7,800 hectares of Iranian agricultural land, including greenhouses and open space, are under cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants, and added: About 4 billion cut flowers, pots, shrubs and ornamental trees are produced in the country.

He also mentioned that: According to the estimation made in the last year, production of these products has grown by about 22 to 25 percent, compared to the year before.


Source of the news: Public relations of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture 

Translated by: F.KH






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