Sunday, July 05, 2020
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Minister of Jihad-Agriculture emphasized on the development of a fish farming project at sea

The development of the fish farming project in offshore cages was especially emphasized by the Minister of Jihad for Agriculture.

Dr. Khazavi, the Minister of Jihad-Agriculture, Dr. Khoon Mirzaei, Deputy Minister and Head of the Iranian Fisheries Organization, Dr. Haghighi, the executor of the fish farming development project in marine cages, at the Ministry's office, the issues and problems of the project to develop fish farming at sea (sea cages) and the ways out of it were discussed.

 In this meeting, after presenting the existing problems and obstacles by the head of the Iranian Fisheries Organization, and the executor of the fish farming development plan in the sea cages, it was decided to provide the required currency, which is one of the essential needs for the development of this project, and the case will be followed up as soon as possible and seriously.

Source of the news: Public relations of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture

Translated by: F.KH 




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