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Iran-Brazil Cooperation in FAO Plant Genetic Resources Commission

According to the information center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, quoted by the Public Relations of Research Organization, Dr. Kazem Khavazi emphasized the necessity of developing bilateral cooperation in agricultural research, while he was explaining the strategic axes of cooperation between Iran and Brazil.

Head of Agricultural Research, Education and Promotion Organization of Iran, after referring to the multiplicity of its organization mission areas, suggested that an expert delegation headed by the Brazilian Research Agency should visit the Agricultural Research, Education and Promotion Organization of Iran to learn about the capabilities of the Agency for Research, Education and Promotion of Agriculture and then can sign a cooperation document.


At the meeting, the Brazilian ambassador called for the convergence of future views, suggestions and decisions of the two countries, i.e. Iran and Brazil, at the Commission on Plant Genetic Resources at the FAO.  Mr.  Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos, the respected ambassador of Brazil in Iran, after welcoming the suggestions put forward at the meeting, emphasized on bilateral cooperation in the fields of agricultural education and research.

The Brazilian ambassador named Iran as one of the unique countries in the world with valuable natural and genetic resources.

Following the meeting, a follow-up and expert meeting on the Commission on Plant Genetic Resources was held, attended by the National Reference Director for the Convention on Biological Diversity, the President of the National Center for Agricultural Genetics and Natural Resources Management, and Dr. Toraj Valinasb, Director General of the Office of Scientific Communication and International Cooperation.


Translated by: F.KH 



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