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Calling for the thirty-third international festival of Khwarizmi

Festival goals:

·         Promoting the knowledge-based entrepreneurship culture and commercializing research results

·         Honoring the distinguished position of researchers, innovators and technologists of the country

·         Providing an appropriate environment for scientific and technological cooperation globally

·         Identification, introduction of talents in various fields of science and industry, and support of the selected members by the festival

Research Areas:

1.    Basic research

2.    Applied research

3.    Development plans

4.    Innovation and novelty                                                                                                                                                                

Scientific fields of research:

1.    Software engineering and information technology

2.    Industrial Engineering and Technology Management

3.    Biotechnology and Basic Medical Sciences

4.    Materials, Metallurgy and New Energies

5.    Agriculture and natural resources

6.    Successful plan in national production

7.    Chemical technologies

8.    Architecture and Urbanism

9.    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

10.  Environment

11.  Nanotechnology

12.  Basic sciences

13.  Mechanics

14.  Aerospace

15.  Civil Engineering 

Deadline for electronic registration and submission to the plan to secretariat: March till September 2019

How to register: Visit the Festival site at the following address: www.khwarizmi.ir

Permanent Secretariat of Kharazmi Festival

Tel: 021- 56276327 & 56276037

Translated by: F.KH 




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