Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Self-sufficiency in wheat production for the fourth consecutive year

Advisor to the minister of Jihad-Agriculture and implementer of wheat plan of the country said: The country has reached sustainability in wheat production and this year we will become again self-sufficient for wheat production for the fourth consecutive year.

According to the information center of Jihad-Agriculture, quoted to the public relations of East Azarbaijan Jihad Agriculture Organization, Esmael Esfandyari-Pour, at his visit to the innovative rainfed research center in the city of Hashtroud of East Azarbijan has added that: Since the beginning of the harvest season, more than two million tons of wheat have been bought from farmers in the warmer regions of the country, and wheat harvest has started recently in temperate provinces such as Golestan.

Esfandyari-Pour also mentioned that: Over 90% of the sums of wheat bought in this year have been paid, and in we had 31% increase in bread wheat, and 33% increase in Durum wheat, compared with last year. 


 Translated by: F.KH


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