Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Implementation of IRAN-ICARDA(International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas) plan for the production of rain fed wheat

According to the information center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture Ministry of Science and Technology, based on the TV and radio news agency,

 Agriculture Ministry Deputy Minister of Juhad-Agriculture, in his visit to the wheat fields of Hashtrood, Charaymaq and Maragheh said: This project aims to quickly transfer new knowledge of wheat production to farmers, increase wheat production and transfer research findings to farmers in seven cities of province.

 He also added that: With the implementation of this plan, wheat production will increase by 25% in the province's and country's rain fed lands in the next five years. Agriculture deputy of the Minsitry of Jihad-Agriculture has told that: since the beginning of wheat harvest, more than 2 million tons of surplus wheat has been purchased from the country's farmers, in warm and dry provinces.

 He also added that: It is expected that this year, 14 million and 500 thousand tons of wheat will be produced in the country.


Translated by: F.KH

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