Monday, July 06, 2020
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Iran's key role in controlling and eradicating animal diseases in the region

According to the information center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, quoted by the public relations department of the veterinary organization, on the 2nd day of OIE summit, where representatives from 180 countries which were members of the world animal health organization, Dr. Alireza Rafieepour told that: Achieving a unified health strategy in the world requires the participation of all countries, and Iran is a key country in the region that plays an important role in controlling and eradicating animal diseases and common diseases of humans and animals.

At the opening ceremony of the 87th general session of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), Director General of the World animal Health Organization mentioned that 7th strategic plan of OIE (2021-2025) is in its editing stage, and also added that: In the current strategy, we were able to take serious and successful steps to eradicate and fight against priority diseases in animals, such as feverish fever (foot and mouth disease), and Peste des petits ruminants (PPR).

Dr. Monique Eloit, director general of the The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has told that: in 2018, the evaluation of veterinary services pvs (pet vaccination services) was carried out in more than twenty countries, and is continued in 2019, and 28 new working groups were created and 1200 people were trained. 

She has also told that: Our strategies will be focused on the following issues in the program: Antimicrobial Resistance, Aquatic Disease, Aquatic Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Reducing Biological Threats, Disease Control and Transparency.

In the opening ceremony of OIE, agricultural ministers from 15 countries including: France, Columbia, Botswana, Italy, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.

The topics of the speeches of the ministers of agriculture were as follows: development of cooperation on livestock hygiene and the trade of livestock products, fighting against and the eradication of diseases such as swine fever and influenza, the drug residue program, microbial resistance, evaluation of the veterinary services on pvs, common human and animal diseases, veterinary regulations and standards, food security, and vaccination.


Translated by : F.KH 


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