Monday, July 06, 2020
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Iran is the third largest honey producer in the world/ The Honey Bee Industry Strategic Plan was unveiled

Deputy Agriculture Director for Animal Production of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture said: The total value of the investment in the beekeeping industry was 6 trillion tomans and its production value was about 3 trillion tomans in 2018.

According to a report from the information center of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture, Dr. Morteza Rezaiee has mentioned that: The bee industry has a high added value.

He also emphasized  that: Last year, honey production in the country was 90 thousand tons and the average production in modern hives was 11 kg. Deputy Minister of Jihad-Agriculture added: In 2018, about 1460 tons of wax, 123 tons of pollen, 70 tons of lime wax and 3,400 kilograms of royal jelly were produced. 


He also added that: honey production, per capita, was 1110 grams in the country, and 1079 grams of consumption per capita. 

Rezaiee mentioned that: Iran is the third largest honey producer in the world, and honeybee plays an important role in ensuring food security, and employment, and pollen by bees causes biodiversity and increase production in agriculture. 

Rezaiee has mentioned that: guaranteeing the quality of bee products, increasing productivity, developing new high value added products, preserving and developing genetic materials, paying attention to export markets, training, promoting, researching the bee field, promoting beekeepers and reducing the risk and increasing the resilience are among the goals of strategic plan for the development of bees.


Translated by : F.KH 


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